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Removalist quotes are available from the Melbourne/ Victoria businesses below. When moving interstate from Victoria, it is easier to contact a local removalist, who can visit and quote at your business or home. Related experience with Interstate Moves from Melbourne Area.

 The creators of this website found it particularly useful when we recently moved back from Adelaide, to use the same removalist. It was a simple call to the Melbourne removal firm that moved us from Victoria to Adelaide. They knew the access at both properties and the volume of furniture to be moved. Also if you can try and arrange a backloading deal with a removalist, that might also help reduce the removal cost. We tried to negotiate a backloading deal for our South Australia - Victoria move - being the more quiet route - whereas Melbourne - Adelaide is often busier. Unfortunately this was not the case, and the truck drove over empty and took us back to Victoria. After a dusty trip back to Melbourne we needed to move the dirt from our cars and used a mobile car detailer from Melbourne who came to us and washed and cleaned the cars. We can recommend this service :).  

Removalist Tip: Keep the cardboard moving boxes in good condition and sell them back to the removalist. Also ask if they have used boxes when you move, it can save $100s on the move of a house.

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